Monday, September 30, 2013

The Point

Not everyone was made to write a blog. I am probably one of those people.

This is an english assignment. I was not in class when my teacher assigned the blog so I am going off of a very broad explanation that I received from a couple of my classmates. However, I would have gotten the same vague explanation from my teacher if I had been in class that day. But that is what I like about his assignments; they are open to interpretation.

I am somewhat glad to have an assignment where I can express myself in a creative way instead of writing essays about literary devices and their affect on an audience that I could care less about. With this blog, I can voice my opinions or just vent about things that I care about. It's almost exhilarating.

The real point of my blog is to sit from my vantage point (check the title) and examine the world around me. I invite you to embark upon my grand adventure through the various topics that interest me and those that I am somewhat required to converse about.

“For our stories are not yet finished, and perhaps will never be.” -Piers Anthony
Merri Lightbody