Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I don't even know

I'm not sure what to write tonight. I have some thoughts, but they will not suffice. In an attempt to be original, I am reminded that so many others have written works that are almost identical to what I am doing now. So am I infringing on copyrights, or am I somehow skating around the thin ice?

I do not even know, but I feel like it is ok. Maybe three people will read my posts and I am in high doubts that any one of those three people will sue me or report me to some higher power. If they dare to do so, they will find out that I have zero dollars. So come at me if you think I'm overstepping my boundaries. Because that's all that patents and copyrights are. Boundaries that are seldom announced but always there.

The enclosure movement was successful in Europe because people started caring about their land usage. Lives became better and society was able to improve. Copyrights and patents are just like the enclosure movement. They fence in ideas so others are unable to grow upon them. Unlike the enclosure movement, ideas and inventions become locked in time unless others are willing to pay the price to use or improve upon them. So how are our crops supposed to grow if our ideas are waterlogged with legislation?

I understand that some ideas need to be protected, but there are plenty of others that can be released for adaptation and reflection. We need to be able to throw manure onto the pastures to help the crops grow better and stronger. But who I am I to tell people what they should do? I'm just a kid who is probably breaking copyright laws as I type. I don't even know. 

This was what I saw on my pier, let's hope I don't infringe copyrights so I can continue to ask you what you see on your pier. 

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