Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where the ink flows

Each day I go to school and I write. I write equations, I write answers, and I write questions. But when I leave my school realm, I forget that I have the ability to write.

I do my homework and stuff, but I never sit down and just write. Writing has such a power and I rarely use it unless I am being forced. With the increase of technology, the art of writing in myself is slowly dissipating. Pen and paper will soon be fractures of a memory that I will remember with my computer chip programmed brain of the future. 

Technically I am writing at this moment, but this is not the type of writing that I am talking about. I'm talking about the fluid thoughts coming from the fluid ink of a pen on a paper that is waiting for your thoughts to be shared with only those who are fortunate enough to obtain it. That is the writing that I love, that is the writing that is getting lost in time.

Two weeks ago, I did the unthinkable. I wrote thank you notes. But I did not just write a brief thank you, I wrote a heartfelt message to go along with my thanks. And I wrote several letters to the several people who had been kind enough to give me gifts on my birthday. I think they were some of my best work. That's because I took care with it. When I write for school, I write for the A or at least for the completion. There are very few cares given. And I find that to be alright because is life, you do things you don't care for in order to one day do the things that you actually care for. 

Back to my letters. There is something about writing a letter that makes you more pensive and thoughtful than when you write anything else. When you can write your thoughts with a nice pen that flows from letter to letter, you do not feel like you have to stop. You can write and write until you run out of room. There are no paragraphs required and no restrictions about topics. You can talk about friendship and shift into talking about how you hate to swim. A pen and a paper and a thought. That is all it takes to make something that is you. You may not be a good writer, but a pen and paper can lead to your freedom of self.

I wish that whenever we had to write something for class that it would never be graded, just reflected upon. The thoughts put out there are more important than the grammar, the punctuation, and the possible themes that you just so happened to convey. Writing should be appreciated and not analyzed beyond its meaning. So maybe I will write for the fun of it, maybe I won't. I will continue to value the feeling of writing from my heart when I get the chance to. And pens and paper will always be my favorite medium to do so.

This is what I saw on my pier. What will you see on yours?

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