Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Serious to Sass

You would never guess that when I was in second grade my teacher said that I was serious! No joke, she actually said that! Today I would not say that I am as serious as I was then, but at times I can be pretty focused.

I think when I first heard my teacher say that I was upset. I did not realize that I was do serious. My teacher must have mistaken my love of school for seriousness, because really, I just loved going to school. I have journal entries that say that I love school to back me up on that. School was just so fun and I got into it. But apparently my getting into was construed as a sense of seriousness.

Since I developed a sense of seriousness towards school at a very young age, I remained self-motivated throughout my schooling. I usually try my best and it shows through my grades. Not bragging or anything, but I'm doing well in life at the moment. I think I can thank my younger self for loving school and being serious because it paid off, or at least for now.

I was not serious all the time when I was a child and I often was a little on the silly side. And now, I am pretty silly and sassy when I am not in class. On my water polo team, I became the Sass Master. I honestly did not know that every time that I spoke that I was being sassy. Sometimes I was trying to be serious and my coach would call me a sassafrass. At times, it actually frustrated me when no one would take me seriously when I was actually being serious. But my sassing did start at a frustrating time in my life. This year, the sass was toned down and a freshman came to be my Sassprentice. She learned a lot and even taught me some new ways to be sassy. It was a good year filled with sassing, while also being slightly serious.

In my psychology class, we are learning about human development. One thing that we discussed in class was whether our personality stays the same or it changes as we age. Some things do stay the same while others change, either intentionally or subconsciously. I think that I am still a serious person, but only when I need to be. In most classes, I am focused, except for economics where I zone out, draw pictures in lecture, and miss like ten days and still get an A. That is because I am self motivated to learn and do my best, even if I could care less about what I am learning about. I don't mind going to school everyday because it gives me something to be serious about. When I am outside of school, I can go crazy and sass all day. (My terms of crazy are going home and watching dozens of episodes of Friends and then getting my homework done).

I like who I am today. I'm passionate, creative, silly, and serious. I am at a time in my life where I am discovering myself and I am really enjoying where my heart takes me. If it were not for some serious little girl, I would not be where I am sitting right now.

On my pier, I saw a serious little girl turn into a sassy teenager. What will you see on your pier?

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