Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breaking Bad into Good

Bad ideas. Why can't they be good? What if bad ideas are good and good ideas are bad? Someone has to test out the bad ideas so as a society, we can know if they are really bad. Oh wait, there is a place where bad ideas are put to the test: it would be called Youtube.


Not only are people testing out their terrible ideas, they are also posting them to Youtube so others can laugh at their failures or find a way that they can do it themselves. The latter is what is interesting. People continue to do stupid things even though its tried and true that those actions are not of the intelligent nature. I get a kick out of their attempts of stupidity until they get seriously hurt. I imagine that there are times where a bad idea becomes an incredibly brilliant discovery. I do not believe I have witnessed such a circumstance in person. But someone had to be the first person to jump out of plane and land on their feet, safe and sound. I am not telling anyone to do idiotic things that will hurt them, but I am encouraging people to try out some bad ideas that could have great possibilities.

Merri Lightbody

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