Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Teachers tend to enjoy asking that question, as do students. This question can lead to a meaningful response or to a "because I said so" kind of answer. Either way, thought is provoked.

Yesterday in my English class, I found a website that had 50 incredible questions. These questions had no right answers, but provoked quite a deal of thought. Unlike a lot of questions asked in school, I actually answered them for pleasure rather than for a grade or stamp. I was able to sit back and respond to these questions without being judged in some way. It helped to free my mind a little. 

When I sit on my pier, I always ask myself questions. The questions in the link below reminded me of the thoughts that I can have when I'm in reflection mode. I invite you to sit on your pier and ask yourself some of these thought provoking questions or even come up with your own. Enjoy!


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